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Adam Bradley


As a high performance athlete, I originally started visiting Dr. Chambulís office for sports injuries nearly fifteen years ago. I played contact sports for many years and my injuries always healed faster when being treated by a combination of chiropractic, muscle therapy and acupuncture. In this area of my life, Dr. Chambul became the only one I would see and was a huge part on my success in both Provincial and National competitions.


As I grew older, I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and continued to see Dr. Chambul regularly as part of my ongoing treatment. As my conditioned worsened over time, Dr. Chambul was the only health practitioner that I fully trusted. His concern for my overall well-being and his use of a holistic mix of nutritional therapy, chiropractic care and acupuncture were at times the only treatment that would helped me with my ailment.

It was through his caring attention to detail and his constant willingness to teach me about my own body that we came to, after many years, a new conclusion: that there was a variable we were missing in the equation. Dr. Chambul has always allowed me to be an active participant in my own health care, and when I came to him with the thought that it was in fact severe allergic reactions to food that were causing my problems, he not only listened (which my traditional doctors did not) but he helped me implement a plan to test my theory and ultimately completely cure my symptoms.

On my thirtieth birthday, my complete lifestyle change - under the supervision of Dr. Chambul - allowed me to completely stop taking the medication that had been prescribed to me for over a decade, and I am happy to report that I have been symptom- and medication- free for over three years.

I cannot claim that by seeing Dr. Chambul that everyone will have the miraculous type of turn around that I did, but what I can guarantee is that he will always listen and do everything in his power to help you live a better and more fulfilling life.

My story is extraordinary, and it took an extraordinary doctor to help me find the answers that ultimately changed my life. He is part health provider, part mentor and part friend, and after all we have been through together I think of him first and foremost as family. I have since returned to school, been awarded a masterís degree, and I am currently working on a PhD.  I can say without hesitation that none of this could have been possible without Dr. Chambul and his unique approach to health care.

Adam Bradley
October 2011



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