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The Choice is Yours, Future Doctor
(.pdf format)
by Borys M. Chambul, B.A., D.C.
and Trudy G. Chambul

Applied Kinesiology:
The Advanced Approach to Athletic Health Care

(.pdf format)
by Borys M. Chambul, B.A., D.C.
and Trudy G. Chambul


Optimum Nutrition for Optimum
Human Performance

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by Borys M. Chambul, B.A., D.C.
and Trudy G. Chambul
Meridian Therapy: Its Role in Treating
The Total Person

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by Borys M. Chambul, B.A., D.C.
and Trudy G. Chambul


  Chiropractic & Pain Relief

  Chiropractic Care and Children

"It is important to understand that normal spine motion is a prerequisite for a pain-free existence - a fact that seems lost on all but a few in the medical community. Chiropractic aids in reducing pain through spinal manipulation.

Neurologically speaking, there is no difference between pain in the lower back, neck or elsewhere, except in the location where pain nerves are irritated. Therefore pain should be easy to treat."

"There is no difference between pain in the lower back, neck or elsewhere, except in the location where pain nerves are irritated."

According to an article by W. Kirkaldy-Willis and J. Cassidy appearing in the Canadian Family Physician: "After a series of chiropractic adjustments, disabled patients returned to full function. A population of 171 patients had been totally disabled by chronic low-back pain for an average of seven to eight years. Following a two to three week regime of daily chiropractic adjustments, 87 per cent returned to full function with no restriction in work duties or other activities. Approximately one year later, all patients where re-examined the success was maintained..."

"Pain is not normal. Given appropriate help, everyone has the potential to become pain free."

How was this accomplished? When a Chiropractor performs manual manipulations of fixed joints within the vertebral column (adjustments) four things occur:

  • normal spine motion is restored
  • tight muscles relax
  • co-ordination improves
  • pain is inhibited

These effects can have a profound effect on the body. In fact it is because of these effects that so many people have had what are referred to as "miracle cures" for so many supposedly hopeless conditions.

Excerpt from the article "The Pain Truth" written by Dr. Chambul, from Health Naturally, 1994, available from our office.


Upon arriving home several weeks ago, my wife told me I should look at our five and a half year old daughter. Bianca had fallen off the merry-go-round that day and was quite shaken. While I was relieved to find no obvious contusions or possible fractures, as a chiropractor I considered it my responsibility to check her spine.

I was able to identify that her first cervical vertebrae and right sacroiliac joints were fixated, or immobile. As my patients are aware, this is known as a vertebral subluxation. Only two gentle adjustments were required to restore normal joint mobility relieving my beautiful girl of pain and simultaneously preventing future possible distortion because of the fall. My payment for services rendered? "Thank you, Daddy. Now it's my turn!" I succumbed to a series of "adjustments" from Bianca, was advised that I was cured and summarily dismissed.

Children are our most precious commodity and as parents we want them to have the best possible start in life, part of which includes a chiropractic spinal exam. We check the spine to rule out scoliosis, an abnormal curvature, that if left uncorrected can lead to debilitating health problems. We also look for any spinal fixations which could cause or contribute to spinal pain, childhood headaches, and other related illnesses. With children now out of school, summer is a perfect time to make chiropractic a family affair. Children are aggressively active. Falls and other incidents that could lead to injury are a very real part of their everyday life.

- Dr. Borys M. Chambul

  Chiropractic Relief for Chronic Migraines

  Back pain Relief

"... we are beginning to see reports of successful management of a wide variety of headaches by manipulation. E. Milne notes a 98 per cent success rate with 150 patients in immediately terminating attacks of migraine by traction and cervical manipulation. Unfortunately, this new approach has not made and significant impact in general medical practice."


Back pain, neck pain, headaches and sports injuries are the most common ailments that people seek help from at our clinic.


Neuro-Emotional Technique

The chiropractic profession is on the rise, with more people searching for an alternative approach in their quest for optimal health. Spinal adjustments, acupuncture and nutritional therapy are techniques commonly employed by chiropractors to achieve a healthy body and improve the quality of life. Current research shows that many back problems and related ailments result from psychological factors, as well as physical ones.

The Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) allows chiropractors to access emotional issues in an effective and discreet manner. After one treatment, the majority of patients feel an immense improvement in their mobility
and a release of muscle tension. Muscle testing often reveals increased strength, and less pain upon palpation. It is necessary to have the patient continue with NET for several weeks, with longer treatment required for more complex, or suppressed emotional circumstances.

The premise behind NET is that it works because emotions are physiologically based. When a person remembers an emotional event, the emotional display at the time of the event is replicated. Muscle testing allows the chiropractor to reveal the memory of an event associated with a given subluxation. By adjusting the spine while the patient holds onto this memory, the energy circuit, or meridian, begins to restore a balanced energy flow.

Patients must remember that NET is unable to change a situation, or to make certain emotions disappear. However, it provides the patient with the tools necessary to block the detrimental effects negative emotions have upon health. By targeting emotional blockades patients are guided towards a healthier mind and body.

- Lisa M. Kafun



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