A 15 year old, competitive, cheerleader came in to the clinic with upper and lower back pain after having someone fall on them from a height during a practice. Upon examination and an x-ray of their thoracic spine (mid back) we measured a curve of 24 degrees. After 6 short months of chiropractic treatment and Myopulse, and a re-examination and x-ray the curve reduced to 4 degrees and is no longer classified as scoliosis! Both the patient and their family are happy with the decrease in tightness and pain and the patient's improved performance on their cheer squad! 

*images shared with permission

An 11 year old patient came into the clinic referred by her mother. The patient was complaining of headaches and an inability to focus at school after sustaining a blow to their head in a soccer game. Upon examination and an x-ray of their cervical spine (neck) we observed a shift in position of their first vertebra corresponding to the side of impact. After a course of chiropractic treatment and acupuncture the patient's symptoms reduced. Both the patient and their family are pleased with the results and with the patient's restored ability to function optimally at school and with their daily activities!

*image shared with permission

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