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 "I've been referring patients to Dr. Chambul for chiropractic care for over 30 years. Without exception, he has helped my patients overcome some very serious musculoskeletal pains and limitations in  mobility. There is none better to help your chronic muscle, joint and back problems. I very highly recommend him." 

- Zoltan Rona, M.D., M.Sc.

Recovery from Car Accident and Herniated Disc

 "I was referred to Dr. Chambul in 1987 after having spent two months in bed as prescribed by a medical doctor to cure a herniated disc. At 41, I thought I would never be well again. Dr. Chambul restored my health totally.

After I was rear-ended in my car, I went to the hospital Emergency and was given a neck brace and drugs. Neither dealt with the real problem. The next day I went to see Dr. Chambul, and after only one adjustment of my neck, the pain started to subside." 

- M.T., August 2001

Recovery from severe Pelvic Pain

"I have suffered with severe pelvic pain for at least five years. I can't remember the last time I was able to sleep through the night without being awakened by pain because I accidentally rolled onto my side in the middle of the night.

Thanks to a very close friend of mine who had nothing but great things to say about this man I figured I would give him a try, and I am so glad I did - if only I would have come sooner I may have avoided unnecessary surgery and many pain medications and other drugs.

I am very pleased to tell you that he has made a great difference in my life since the first session. 

- M.W., August 2002

Recovery from Sudden Back Pain

 "Five days ago, after working hunched over a piece of needlework for a short time, I stood up to find a dull throbbing in my lower back. It was not awful, just annoying and not something I have not felt before.

When I stood up from the table, I was amazed to discover that short of a slight tightness in my back, I was pain free.

- C.B., August 2002

Recovery from Neck Pain from Holding Baby

 "Since I gave birth to my daughter four months ago because of constant nursing and holding the baby I started having pain in my neck.

After just one treatment I felt great.  I have to say that I changed my mind about chiropractors, at least about Dr. Chambul, and I would recommend him to anyone. "

- J.A.

Recovery from Sports Injury

 "I injured my left shoulder playing a game of pickup basketball. Physiotherapy was not helpful at all.

Dr. Chambul took a keen interest in my situation and put me through various tests and examinations with the help of x-rays, and he immediately determined the cause of my pain and inability for my shoulder to heal.

I am living proof that with the proper regime and accurate identification of the injury, anything is possible. "

- A.H., June 2000

Recovery from Back and Hip Problem

"From the very first visit Dr. Chambul has been understanding and supportive, empathetic and encouraging. He told me I'd see results in six weeks. Yet, within three weeks I stopped taking my prescription painkillers, and at 4-1/2 weeks I was feeling like myself again, happy to be alive. 

Without Dr. Chambul and his staff I wouldn't be up and walking like I am now. Thank you for giving me life again."

- J.M., May 2002

Recovery from Bipolar Disorder

"As I grew older, I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and continued to see Dr. Chambul regularly as part of my ongoing treatment. As my conditioned worsened over time, Dr. Chambul was the only health practitioner that I fully trusted. His concern for my overall well-being and his use of a holistic mix of nutritional therapy, chiropractic care and acupuncture were at times the only treatment that helped me with my ailment. "

- A.B, October 2011

Recovery from pain from Musicians

 "And after months of low-level injuries in my forearm from overtraining with weights, I began working with an amazing chiropractor/acupuncturist, and tonight was my first pain-free concert since last October! "

- N.M., May 2012

Best Thornhill Chiropractor. Chiropractor. Acupuncture. Orthotics. Pain. Health. Wellness.

Best Thornhill Chiropractor. Chiropractor. Acupuncture. Orthotics. Pain. Health. Wellness.

Best Thornhill Chiropractor. Chiropractor. Acupuncture. Orthotics. Pain. Health. Wellness.

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